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Galapagos...Nature at Its Best
As my husband, and I waited for our plane's departure for the Galapagos Islands, I started to worry. This trip was booked two years ago and was the top destination on my bucket list. Now I was beginning to wonder if I had set myself up for a disappointment. Could the Galapagos stand up to my lofty expectations? 
My worries quickly subsided. Within minutes of arrival, we noticed several sea lions and iguanas sunbathing on the rocks - this was nothing compared to what we had in front of us.
Once on board the ship, Celebrity Xpedition – our home for the next seven days, the naturalists briefed us. They talked about keeping the islands untouched. They advised that the animals would be as curious about us as we are of them, and that we should leave an eight foot barrier between us.
Our very first tour was on North Seymour Island. We made a dry landing and via a Zodiac and scrambled up some rocks. Within minutes, we came upon a large number of sea lions, with absolutely no fear of us. A young sea lion was barking and coming closer and closer. Remembering the naturalists’ request, we started backing up. But the sea lion kept coming closer until there was nowhere for us to go. I asked the naturalist if the sea lions knew of the eight foot rule! We had more close encounters with sea lions, including one who decided to play with a fellow traveler’s shoe lace!
Every day was a new adventure: standing beside a blue-footed boobie nesting on its egg, observing flamingos feeding in a small lagoon, watching a mockingbird try to get into someone’s backpack for their water to watching penguins swim for food, viewing land iguanas basking in the sun and marine iguanas doing their mating dance. We were part of this lively zoo! We even witnessed a sea lion that just gave birth. We watched her trying to get the pup into a small pond of water to start to learn to swim. The look of pure joy on her face was as if she was saying to us, "Look what I did.”
On our last day of snorkeling we came upon two sea turtles, and we swam with them for half an hour. One of them came right up to my snorkel mask as if to see who it was that had joined them. I never wanted to leave them.
Our last day was saved for visiting the Charles Darwin Station and the giant tortoises on Santa Cruz Island. In the highlands, we stopped in a farmer’s field, awed by hundreds of giant tortoises. They continued eating grass as we stood beside them for pictures. There were no worries that we would hurt them.
To say that I was not disappointed in my trip to the Galapagos and that my initial worries were unfounded is an understatement. It was everything I had thought it would be and more. There is a saying, "You can leave the Galapagos but the Galapagos never leaves you,” and I can attest to this being the truth.



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